Tips for an efficient and productive Work from home

Tips for an efficient and productive Work from home

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This is a very opinionated and personal account of my own learnings. Please feel free to disagree or add your own experiences. We all grow by learning from each other.

I started working remotely around March 2020. As someone who does a lot of solutioning and collaboration in the day-to-day work, it was a huge shift in work style for me.

I lived alone, had to cook for myself, did not have proper work furniture and if you had to judge my level of activity, I was 25 kgs overweight (which I have lost now).


What happened in the first two months of lockdown:

  1. Bad sleep schedule
  2. Irregular at taking baths
  3. Getting irritated due to excessive amount of communication.
  4. Binge eating


Slowly and eventually, I persevered through it all and learnt to fit into this "new normal". It started by shifting back with my parents and getting some mental support. Then I focused on my situation one step at a time to get rid of the problems I was facing.

You can find a gist of my learnings in the below thread.

What about you?

I hope my experience helps someone struggling with remote work. Although I would love it more if you have figured the problem out on your own and have something to share with us.

Please comment your experiences below or on the tweet.

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